What they don’t tell you about Artificial Insemination – IUI (intrauterine insemination)

This is a personal experience of my journey doing IUI. As a 49 year old woman, whose last resort at becoming a mother was IUI, and something that I didn’t think I could afford and a pathway, I didn’t really want to go down. This everything I discovered along the way, as THERE ARE SOOOOOO many things they don’t tell you, that would of really been good to know in the beginning.

I am not a medical professional of any sort, nor am I giving you advice, and please do your own research, cause I am not the best person to ask for exact facts. I am more of an intuitive and fly by the seat of my pants and work it out later – kind of person ( I am not giving myself much of a wrap) The point I am making, is that I am just your average Jane, run of the mill human. Educated, smart, knows how to do life….. but this IUI journey….. MAN! it is such a roller coaster. If I had known all of this before I started IUI, I probably would of done things differently.

The Success Rate of IUI

The first thing you should know, that I didn’t ask before I started, which seems stupid of me now, but I was just following the guidance of the professionals and trusting the path. It wasn’t until friends asked me “What is the Success Rate of IUI”… and I am like, I don’t know. I just thought it was a hit a miss kind of thing. I’d heard all the stories of people doing 7 rounds of IVF etc, so just went along with common knowledge.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask at the time. I guess I was just going along with the recommendation from my Naturopath and when I went to the IVF doctor, (the one she recommended me to), it was just an information grab really, to see if it was actually doable for me, at my age.

After the speedy IVF specialist appointment, I was shuffled off to talk to the IVF specialist nurse, then, the IVF clinic for more information… and was put in a room, where the donor co-ordinator came to tell me my options, then finance girl came and did her finance spiel in a heartbeat, …and then I blinked and it was all over….in a dazed of what just happened to me, but excited to know, it was all possible. So I didn’t really factor in the success rate of IUI.

But…. unfortunately, the success rate is very low…

Like a 5-10% success rate low!!!

Had I known this beforehand. I probably wouldn’t of gone a head with the whole procedure, but here I am. One unsuccessful attempt, which was a shit show and going for a second go, with more amo in my arsenal of how to get the egg and sperm to come to the party.

That’s why I am writing this blog now, so that YOU also don’t make the same mistakes I made. It is a lot of money, you are investing in a game of Russian roulette, so you wanna make sure you have the best chance possible for that 24 hour window, for the egg and the sperm to meet each other.

This information is just one woman speaking to another… sharing what I found out, because I think, that the fertility system is missing A LOT of information and process that would help the success rate increase. This blog is written from my heart to yours…and may you have success too.